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First Reported SPECT/CT to investigate pharmacokinetics of host defence peptides.

Saatchi K., T.V.F. Esposito, D. Pletzer, C. Blackadar, C. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, R.E.W. Hancock, and U.O. Hafeli. (2019), In Europ. J. Nuclear Med. Molec. Imaging. 46: S433-S434

Host defense (antimicrobial) peptides

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Antibiotic resistance due to reduced uptake.

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Mookerhjee, N., K.L. Brown and R.E.W.Hancock. (2013), In Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides Ch. 15 (Kastan, A. ed.; Hancock, R.E.W. section ed , eds.) Elsevier

Host Defense Peptides.

Pena, O.M., J.D.F. Hale, and R.E.W. Hancock. (2011), In Emerging Trends in Antibacterial Discovery – Answering the Call to Arms Ch 15. pp. 323-344. (AA. Miller and P.F. Miller , eds.) Calister Academic Press, Norfolk, UK.

Antibiotic resistance due to reduced uptake.

McPhee, J.B., S. Tamber, S. Lewenza, M.D. Brazas, and R.E.W. Hancock. (2009), In Antimicrobial drug resistance: Principles and practice for the clinical bench 97-110 (D.L. Mayers, , eds.) Humana Press, New Jersey. PDF

Antibacterial host defence peptides of bovine origin.

Jenssen H., K.Hilpert, and R.E.W. Hancock. (2007), In Chem. Today. 25: 17-19

Using the Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome to understand pathogenesis.

Hancock, R.E.W. (2004), In Ped. Pulmon. S27:142-143.

Cationic anti-microbial peptides.

Hancock, R.E.W. (2002), In Biochem. Cell Biol. 80: 140

Antimicrobial peptides for fish disease control.

Hancock, R.E.W., and A. Patrzykat. (2001), In Recent advances in marine biotechnology Vol. 7: Seafood Safety and Human Health Oxford and IBH Publishing Co., New Delhi.

Mechanism of action of imipenem and relevance of porin OprD.

Hancock, R.E.W. (2001), In Infections in Oncology 5: 2-3

Cationic antimicrobial peptide antibiotics.

Hancock, R.E.W., and P.Nair. (2000), In Curr. Opin. Antiinfective Invest. Drugs. 2: 140-148

Antibiotic resistance and survival in the host.

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Insect cationic antimicrobial peptides.

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Peptide antibiotics.

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Cationic peptide antibiotics for use in treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections of cystic fibrosis patients.

Hancock, R.E.W., M. Scott, C.Friedrich, L.Zhang, H.Yan, P.Nair, A.Patrzykat, and A.Rozek. (1999), In Clin. Microbiol. Infect 5: S52-S53. PDF

Cationic peptide antibiotics: a diversified portfolio for the future.

Hancock, R.E.W., and A.Patrzykat (1999), In Chimica Oggi (Biocides Today supplement) 20-21 PDF

Anti-microbial activities of phytochemicals from British Columbian medicinal plants.

Towers, G.H.N., McCutcheon, A., Saxena, G., Matsuura, H., Page, J., Farmers, S., Gibbons, E. Roberts, T.E., Babiuk, L.A., Thorson, I.M., Stokes, R.W., Sokol, P., Klingemann, H., and Hancock, R.E.W. (1999), In Chemistry, Biological, and Pharmacological Properties of Medicinal Plants from the Americas. 125-142 (Hostettmann, K., Gupta, M.P., and Marston, A. , eds.) Harwood Academic Publ. Switzerland.

Are we approaching the end of the antibiotic era? Editorial overview.

Hancock, R.E.W., and D.Knowles. (1998), In Curr. Opinion Microbiol. 1: 493-494 PDF

Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Infection and Immunity.

Hancock, R.E.W. and J.S. Lam (1998), In Encyclopaedia of Immunology 2nd Edition 4: 2042-2045 (P.J.Delves , eds.) Academic Press, London. PDF

Resistance mechanisms in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other nonfermentative Gram-negative bacteria.

Hancock, R.E.W. (1998), In Clin. Infect. Dis 27: S93-99 PDF

Outer membrane proteins

Hancock, R.E.W., and E.A. Worobec. (1998), In Biotechnology Handbooks. 10 Pseudomonas, : 139-167 (Montie T., , eds.) Plenum Press, London. PDF

Antibiotics for Pseudomonas and related infections.

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Cationic peptides: a class of antibiotics able to access the self promoted uptake pathway across the outer membrane of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Hancock, R.E.W., K. Piers, M. Brown, T. Falla, M. Gough, M. Wu and S. Fidai. (1996), In Molecular Biology of Pseudomonads. (Nakazawa, T., Furukawa, K., Haas, D., and Silver, S., , eds.) ASM Press, Washington. PDF

Cationic Peptides

Hancock, R.E.W., and T. Falla, (1996), In Biotechnology of Antibiotics 2: Ch 16. 467-492 (Strohl, W.R., , eds.) Marcell Dekker Inc., N.Y. PDF

Small Peptide Antibiotics.

Hancock, R.E.W., S. Fidai, M. Gough, M. Wu, and K. Piers. (1994), In Pediatric Pulmonology 10(S): 161-162 PDF

Bacterial transport as an import mechanism and target for antimicrobials.

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Cationic Bactericidal peptides

Hancock, R.E.W., T. Falla and M.H. Brown (1995), In Adv. Microb. Physiol. 37: 135-175 PDF

Cloning of outer membrane protein genes and molecular genetic methods for studying structure function relationships.

Siehnel, R.J., R.S.Y. Wong, H. Huang and R.E.W. Hancock (1994), In Meth. Molec. Genet. 3: 311-324 PDF

Outer membrane proteins.

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Susceptibility and resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to antimicrobial agents.

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Bacterial Porins.

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Function and structure of Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane protein OprF.

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Bacterial outer membranes: Evolving Concepts.

Hancock, R.E.W. (1991), In ASM News 57: 175-182 PDF

LPS integration into outer membrane structures.

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Function and structure of the porin proteins OprF and OprP of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Siehnel, R.J., N.L. Martin and R.E.W. Hancock. (1990), In Pseudomonas: Biotransformations, pathogenesis and evolving biotechnology. 328-342 (Silver, S., A.M. Chakrabarty, B. Iglewski, and S. Kaplan , eds.) American Society for Microbiology, Washington. PDF

Function and structure of the major components of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria.

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Antibiotic uptake into Gram negative bacteria.

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Role of outer membrane components in Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization of the cystic fibrosis lung.

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Phosphate-binding site of Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane protein P.

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Model membrane studies of porin function.

Hancock, R.E.W. (1987), In Bacterial Outer Membranes as Model Systems 187-226 (Inouye, M., , eds.) John Wiley and Sons, New York. PDF

The penetration of antibiotics into the antibiotic resistant bacterium seudomonas aeruginosa: Interaction of polycationic antibiotics at a common site on the lipopolysaccharide.

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The outer membrane proteins of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Immunotherapeutic potential.

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Outer membrane permeability of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Nikaido, H. and R.E.W. Hancock (1986), In The Bacteria: A treatise on structure and function. X: 145-193 (Sokatch, J.R., , eds.) Academic Press, London. PDF

Laboratory characterization of lipopolysaccharides (LPS).

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Monoclonal antibody protection against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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The role of the cell surface components of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in virulence.

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Ionic channels in membranes.

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Resistance to antibacterial agents acting on cell membranes.

Hancock, R.E.W. and T.I. Nicas. (1984), In Antimicrobial Drug Resistance 147-171 (Bryan, L.E., , eds.) Academic Press, New York. PDF

Molecular Interactions of aminoglycosides with bacteria - Implications for therapy.

Hancock, R.E.W., B. Loh and T.I. Nicas. (1983), Proc. 13th International Congress of Chemotherapy 35: 1-3

Porins from gram-negative bacteria in lipid bilayer membranes

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A mutation in Escherichia coli K-12 affecting conjugation, phage resistance and a major membrane protein

Hancock, R.E.W., R.A. Skurray and P. Reeves. (1975), Proc. Aust. Biochem. Soc. 7: 80