French Press

Categorized: Outer Membranes

  • Position press plunger to the desired volumn marker.
  • Invert the press onto the stand.
  • Add the cells. Make sure the level is just below that of the outlet valve, otherwise move the plunger.
  • Ensure the side valve is open.
  • Insert the cap all the way.
  • Close the side valve until finger tight.
  • Place the cell plunger side-up into the press and lock into place.
  • Speed: fast. Direction: up. Pump: on.
  • When the pressure indicator moves, reduce the speed quickly to ensure a pressure of 15,000 psi with the large cell and 200 psi with the small one.
  • Open the side valve gently until the cells leak out at 11,500 to 13,5000psi. NB: Hold the outlet tube against the wall of the sample container to prevent splashing. (A convenient sample container to use is a 50/12 ml sterile Falcon tube with a slash in the cap for insertion of the outlet tube.)
  • When the run is completed open the side valve quickly to avoid spurting.
  • Lower the press and repeat the breakage.
  • Clean the press with distilled water and ethanol, then with ethanol and distilled water.